Wishing you were here?

The Bible is full of encouraging, uplifting, wonderful passages that describe a better world and promise a better future. It also holds encouragement and advice for the lonely, the grieving, the suffering and the fearful. In this series of Sunday night presentations and seminars (all starting at 6pm) we hope to share with you some of these passages that give us more to look forward to.

Please note that these dates may change as we respond to COVID requirements. This page will be updated to reflect any changes.

Sunday May 2

Seminar : God's answer to Political Turmoil

Sunday May 9

Seminar : God's answers for worry, fear & hopelessness

Old Friends
Sunday May 16

Seminar : God's answers for grief, worry & depression

Forest Road
Sunday May 23

Seminar : God's answers for domestic abuse & bullying

Happy Family
Sunday June 13

Seminar : God's answer to Social Injustice

Donation Boxes
Sunday June 27

Seminar : God's answer to societal change

Image by Jude Beck
Sunday July 11

Seminar : God's answer for the Environmental Crisis

White Flowers
Past - Feb 21

Title : Are you troubled? God has promised better things!

Into the Ocean
Past - Mar 7

Title : Are you troubled by the World? God's Kingdom will bring peace!

Tall Mountain and LAke
Past - March 21

Seminar : God's answer for loneliness

Prayer Group